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 Patient Testimonials

Patients from India

  • Mr. Ravi Kapoor, Gurgaon
    Dr. Blaggana is an excellent dentist. He takes utmost care of his patients. He ensures that all his patients get quality time during there visit. His manner is courteous and very pleasing. Dental problems seem to fade away because of his expertise.
  • Mrs.  Manju Nanda, Green Park, New Delhi
    Dr. Blaggana is an excellent dentist. His work is excellent and moreover he is very quick and listens to his patients problems with great patience.
  • Mr. Sulakshan Kumar, Shivalik, New Delhi
    Got new life for my teeth.
    It also helped me to gain confidence.
    Thanks Dr.
  • Mr. Anil Jain, Panchsheel Enclave, New Delhi
    I have had the most wonderful treatment experience at Dr. Vikram Blaggana’s Dental Clinic. He takes care of even the smallest problems and gives the perfect package for your entire dental problems. He is ever smiling and I wish him good luck and all the very best for his future endeavours.
  • Mr. Dhruv Tiwari, Mandakini Enclave, New Delhi
    Dr. Blaggana is an extremely good dentist. My oral health has really improved since I started visiting his clinic; a pretty good reason to smile! Thanks Doc and best of luck!
  • Garima Bhardwaj
    Someone has said if you have a nice doctor then half of your ailment are cured the moment you see him. Dr. Vikram is extremely genuine, gives appropriate suggestions, treats his patients in a right manner and also is not like other money making machines (doctors), with due respect.
    From my cosmetic filling, scaling, polishing and now bleaching I can completely rely on him.
    The credit of my improving oral health completely goes to him.
    Thanks doc, God Bless
  • IJ Mohindra, Noida
    Sarita and I have been visiting Dr. Vikram’s clinic since 2007 onwards. It is just superb. He is true Doctor by nature. He is just too caring for the patient. You feel absolutely at home in his clinic. I admire his softness while dealing in any complex situation. Wishing him all the success in his life.
    Thanks doc, God Bless
    06th October, 2010.
  • Sunita Gupta, Sainik Farms, New Delhi

    I have known Dr. Mrs. Blaggana for more than three decades. Since the time her son Dr. Vikram Blaggana has joined her, I find Dr. Vikram Blaggana to be an excellent, pleasant dentist. He has a very soft hand and is good human being. I always refer him to my relatives and friends. He is an excellent dentist.

    24th January, 2011
  • Shruti Raizada, Gurgaon
    I’ve had the most comfortable and asurring experience with Dr. Blaggana’s treatment and consultation. It all started with my gum’s surgery in 2009 Jan. and ever since, I have been given the best treatment possible and advice that has been not only thoroughly professional but friendly too. All my oral problems are now at rest, but I am more conscious about keeping oral hygiene now. Thank You Dr. Vikram, I met you as a doctor, but you’re an angel who helped me gain my confidence back and encouraged me to keep my most precious pearls treasured! Thank You for your warm, friendly and patience treatment. Good Luck for all your endeavours, and keep smiling – as you always do.
    09th February, 2011.
  • T. C. Jain, Panchsheel Enclave, New Delhi
    Soft spoken Dr. Vikram Blaggana is a true manifestation of his noble profession. His capability, dedication and devotion are par excellence. All his colleagues deserve maximum appreciation and encouragement. My gratefulness and benedictions for all of them.
    17th May, 2011
  • Ruchira & Rakesh Chaudhary, Gurgaon
    Dr. Blaggana is not only an excellent professional but an excellent human being as well. Despite having a seemingly more serious issue with my teeth, I was mentally and physically completely relaxed ‘coz I knew Dr. Blaggana would give me the best possible treatment, with least possible pain?. All the Best, Doc. My family – my husband and me completely trust your opinion. And my son Krish simply loves coming to you..
    30th July, 2011.

International Patients

  • Mr. Adnan Saeed, Iraq
    I am from Iraq. My name is Adnan Saeed. I visit Dr. Vikram and he is nice very nice and very very good and nice with all people. I hope to him success in his life and Best Regards to him and his family.
  • Mr. Subhash Vatish, England
    The service is brilliant and recommend strongly.
  • Poonam & Rajesh, Dubai, U.A.E.
    Dr. Vikram is truly a great dentist, offering personal dental attention to every patient. Am extremely happy with Dr. Vikram’s advise and work. He is extremely good at what he does. Will recommend him to all family and friends.
    24th November, 2010
  • Manju Nanda, Safat, Kuwait
    Dr. Vikram is an excellent dentist. He treats patients with a smile and personal touch. I visited him last year also and if and whenever I have any dental problems I would come to him only without any second thought.
    18th January, 2011
  • Kate Neelam Goel, Denmark
    Experience – Dental Treatment in itself sounds scary. Tension and apprehension surrounds you. However the sweet smile of Dr. Vikram, and his relaxing attitude gives confidence. His touch is gentle, and his assistants are always smiling and discussing the procedures in such a natural manner that you too feel involved and forget you are the patient. God Bless him and may success be showered on him by the Lord & Maa Saraswati.
    Jai Sai Ram.
    14th February, 2011.
  • Dr. Subhashini Batra, England U.K.
    Delighted with the treatment I have received from Dr. Vikram. He is indeed a very capable competent and kind young doctor. I hope to see him again from time to time whenever I visit Delhi. I wish him all the best of health and a good career ahead of him. Best wishes & kind regards.
    22nd April, 2011.
  • Samer J., Iraq
    Really Dr. Vikram is very good and he deals with his patients like the mother with her baby. Many thanks for him.
    14th March, 2011
  • Siamak Aghazeinali, Canada
    I am coming from Canada. I found Dr. Blaggana by internet and he put two crowns for me. He is one whom you can trust. Reasonable price and qualified job. If you want more info, you can give me a call by my phone in Canada +1-604-996****. I heartly recommend Dr. Blaggana and I appreciate him.
    11th May, 2011.
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